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The Easter season is here and although it’s going to be different A Taste of Italy will still be offering our Easter Family Favorites.

A Taste of Italy’s Pizzagaina ($34.99) is an Italian Easter pie and despite its name, it doesn’t have anything to do with pizza. The enriched pie crust gets filled with eggs cheese and meats, often eaten to celebrate the end of Lent.

Our Pizza Rustica ($34.99)is also an Italian Easter pie. It’s made with Ricotta Cheese and Italian Sausage. It’s more similar to a quiche in nature

Easter Grain Pie (29.99), called “Pastiera” in Italian is made with wheat, berries and ricotta, this sweet pie deserves a space on your Easter table.

And last but not least our homemade Easter Bread also known as sweet bread. (4.99)

Orders can be placed starting now April 3rd until Friday April 10th.

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