Sweet Easter Bread


Hey, folks, Easter is getting close. We’ve got sweet Easter Bread, baked fresh, delicious braided bread loaves topped with colorful nonpareils.

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Making Pasta? You need Italian!


Paisano, if you’re making pasta, you gotta have true Italian made pasta. We have a terrific selection of all types of pasta. Got a recipe? We’ve got your pasta, straight from Italy. Next time you’re in, browse our selection.

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Italian Specialties


The Market has a large varierty of Italian Treasures for you to discover, like Imported Dried Figs—nature’s natural candy, aged Italian Provolone Cheese, and delicious Dry Sausage in natural a casing.

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True Italian Made Olive Oils


If you saw the recent exposé on the Olive Oil Industry on “60 Minutes”, you are wondering how you can be sure you are purchasing and using true Italian Made pure Virgin, Extra-Virgin or Traditional Olive Oil. We carry only true Italian Made Imported Olive Oil. Sclafani olive oils are…

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